23 October, 2019
Corban & Blair Women's Product Collaboration

Corban & Blair – Women’s Product Collaboration

Creative duo Gillian Corban and Amanda Blair of Corban & Blair recently celebrated over 30 years in business together. They credit their longevity in business and success to the many artistic collaborations and partnerships they have developed with other designers, artists and makers. We asked them to share how their...

16 January, 2019

Femeconomy Retail Gender Equality Progress Report January 2019

Last week, we updated our brand directory. It’s an informative process of reviewing each record against our criteria, re-researching each brand’s leadership composition, and amending our website directory to reflect any changes. Over 890 brands meet our criteria. When we started Femeconomy it was just over 700. It is important to communicate and celebrate the positive...

10 December, 2018
Amanda Blair and Gillian Corban blog header image

Gillian Corban & Amanda Blair: Female Leader Conversations Ebook

Female Leader Conversations Ebook feature, Corban & Blair Owners, Gillian Corban & Amanda Blair said, “If you are not learning every day, you are probably going backwards.” About Gillian Corban and Amanda Blair were inducted into the Australian Businesswomen’s Hall of Fame The reason they  started Corban & Blair was...

10 December, 2018
Temples & Markets Founder, Judith Treanor

Judith Treanor: Female Leader Conversations Ebook

Female Leader Conversations Ebook feature, Temples & Markets Owner, Judith Treanor said, “I love the idea that the successes and failures of a business are mine alone. Yes, I can work crazy hours, but I will be the one who ultimately reaps those rewards.” About Created  another business called the...

24 September, 2018
Restyle Closet

The Safe, Eco-Friendly Way To Go About Your Next Wardrobe Haul

Restyle Closet is the only designer fashion-focused marketplace that lets you shop others people’s closets safely with escrow, while creating an all-in-one, stress-free solution for your selling needs. Women can make money from the designer pieces in their wardrobe without lifting a finger, and receive personalised service right to their doorstep....

29 August, 2018
The Simple Gesture gift hamper

The Simple Gesture – a bespoke gifting studio

The Simple Gesture specialises in providing curated and custom gift hamper boxes and florals. They take the stress out of gifting in today’s busy world. The gifting service provided by The Simple Gesture is premised on the knowledge that giving is an important way of saying thanks, I love you...

30 July, 2018
bbox for kids fun and functional

b.box is Fun for Kids and Functional for Parents

In 2007, best friends Monique Filer and Dannielle Michaels teamed-up to bring the baby-world their first invention, b.box’s diaper wallet. While on a flight to New Zealand, Dannielle found the task of changing her newborn’s diaper to be quite clumsy and awkward. Thus, the idea for a convenient, all-in-1 essential baby...

2 July, 2018
Tinta Crayons

Tinta Crayons – Handmade, Natural Wax Crayons

Tinta Crayons are created by two Melbourne mums who want to produce a safe, natural crayon, without using palm, soy or paraffin (a by-product of petroleum) waxes. Safe for our children. Lots of research and testing has gone into creating the perfect mix of natural waxes to produce natural, sustainable...

25 June, 2018
Tuutu Baby Box

Bringing Finnish Baby Boxes to Australian Parents

In Finland, the government provides a Baby Box to all parents, which includes everything they initially need for a newborn baby. The Baby Box concept in Finland dates back to 1938. It was written into law in 1949 as a maternity entitlement. Baby Boxes are not dependant on the social...

18 June, 2018
A Little Surprise

Be Surprised by A Little Surprise

A Little Surprise’s mission is to showcase Australian Artisans via surprise gift boxes. Their customers are passionate about all things handmade, unique and of beautiful quality. A Little Surprise Owner and Femeconomy member, Karla Bradshaw has recently been announced as a nominee for the 2018 AusMumpreneur Awards. So we asked Karla...

25 May, 2018
EOFY sale

EOFY Sale – hardtofind and Farm to Hanger

Farm to Hanger and hardtofind support independent craftspeople and manufacturers. Anna-Louise Howard is the Owner of Farm to Hanger and produces sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical fashion by hand and personally knows everyone in her supply chain. Eri Stewart is the Owner of hardtofind and she supports independent sellers the world over who produce gifts,...