6 August, 2019
Blog image Female Leader Conversations Emag

Female Leader Conversations EZine 2019

2019’s Women for Media report states women represent 18% of sources in business reporting. Femeconomy’s female leader interviews with our community are a way to remedy this imbalance for the women achieving outstanding results in business. Femeconomy’s Female Leader Conversations 2019 EZine is full of wisdom and leadership stories that...

5 August, 2019
Legislating Quotas for Gender Diversity

Legislating Quotas for Gender Diversity

I Think Its High Time To Legislate For Greater Diversity Yet another report has been published about the status of women in Australia. The HILDA report (The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia Survey) is a household-based panel study that collects valuable information about economic and personal well-being, labour market dynamics and family life....

30 July, 2019
Carol Fox

Female Leader, Carol Fox, Director Carol Fox & Co.

Carol Fox Director of Carol Fox & Co. has adapted lessons from her own elite professional sporting career in life saving, swimming, water polo and coaching and teaches individuals and teams how to apply them to perform with confidence, at work and at home. Carol’s best-selling book Confident Communication for...

29 July, 2019
Blog Image Charmaine Saunders

Female Leader, Charmaine Saunders, Managing Director Mainie

Charmaine Saunders Managing Director of Mainie is growing an international business from the regional hub of tropical north Cairns. Mainie is a fashion label that blends the artworks of traditional Aboriginal artists with luxurious silk to produce unique pieces of wearable art, each with their own story. A Finalist in...

2 July, 2019
BLOG GSD for Better Workplace

GSD for a Better Workplace

How to Get Sh*t Done for a Workplace that Works (for everyone!) I love this clip from I Love Lucy. When I came across it again recently,  it made me think about the fast-moving production line that is leadership. It also made me laugh because Lucy is desperately trying to get sh*t...

2 May, 2019
BLOG IMAGE Gender Inequality sport

Solving the Thorny Issue of Gender Inequality in Sport

Sport is an integral component of the society that is Australia and has featured consistently throughout my entire life, whether as a little person watching from the sidelines when my parents played or as a young person and adult being involved in various team and individual sports. As I became...

2 May, 2019
BLOG Image Gender Equality is for Men

Gender Equality is for Men Too

Hey Men, Do You Want Better Quality of Life? I was shocked and moved when I first watched the Man Up TV Series. I initially watched the series because I am really interested in what makes men and boys tick (my work in  achieving gender equality depends on engaging men in the...

16 April, 2019

Flexible Working Day – 22 May 2019

The world has changed and continues to change. Many of us no longer work in factories where the more hours you did, the more output you achieved. Where you clocked in and out for your shift using your time cards. Thanks to technology, new industries and entrepreneurs globally solving problems,...

16 April, 2019

Catherine Fox on Women Kind, quotas and advancing women in the workplace

Catherine Fox, Director of Diversity at Women & Leadership Australia (WLA), author, columnist and broadcaster, has spent more than 20 years finding out how we can get more women into the workplace. She is speaking at WLA’s forthcoming Australian Women’s Leadership Symposiums, delivering a fascinating session entitled Women Kind: Unlocking...